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Discontinued fragrances Summer | Phenomena Fata Morgana   A mirage beyond imagination. mitti attar aged 15 years. organic Indian Sandalwood, baked earth in jojoba. premium limited edition botanicalFogbow   Earth's breath at first light. hawthorn, osmanthus, cedarwood, magnolia, black tea, sandalwood. botanical/accord blend  Halo   Beauty suspended. organic coffee blossom effleurage - Madagascar, Hawaiian tuberose absolute in jojoba. premium limited edition botanicalIridescence   Under a liquid sky. bamboo, oakmoss, water lily, bergamot, ozone, black pepperParhelion   Luminous euphoria. lemonade, loganberry, heliotrope, rose, almondRed Skies   Fire drifts at sunset. cantaloupe, red apple, moss, mulberry, peach blossom, pearTiaré   Magnificent organic enfleurage of Tahitian gardenia raised on the Hawaiian Islands in jojoba. premium limited edition botanical   Botanical Duos...